Very many steps can be saved by condensing things into smaller spaces. To have things in reaching distance saves a great many steps, and every housekeeper should study to do that in all her work. The miles of ground the house mother goes over in the performance of her dailyContinue Reading

PART 2 – A fascinating look into how to create wreaths, whether for wrapping a pillar or hanging from a frame it gives us an idea of how the Victorians created wreaths and what kinds of plants went into them.Continue Reading


PART 1 – A fascinating look into how to create wreaths esp for gracing the hair or frame. A lot of thought went into what was used for the wreath. Continue Reading

Wearing nature was never a problem for the Victorians. Here the humble little apple seed was turned into a sweet Victorian comb from 1868. Continue Reading

This open pocket is intended to be hung on the toilet glass — rather a novelty in its way. The cardboard shape is covered with peacock blue plush, on which a branch of eglantine is embroidered in floss silks. The flowers and buds are in shaded pinks, the stems green,Continue Reading

The braided rug is still ever so popular today. Even in my babyhood I sat playing on a very large braided rug at my grandmother’s house. They have found their place in homes for generations now. They have indeed stood the test of time in practicality, charm, and sturdiness. IContinue Reading