Ladder-back chairs have gained a lot of attention in the collectors realm in the past few years. But this really isn’t anything new. A book that was originally published in 1903 went on to describe these rush bottomed chairs as something that had up until then been quite overlooked. SoContinue Reading

Still on the topic of an early Victorian bedroom, it was suggested in the book The Architecture of Country Houses good furniture could be purchased from Edward Hennessey of Boston. It described a small bedroom set like this: “This furniture is remarkable for its combination of lightness and strength, andContinue Reading

When most of us think of the early Victorian era, we think of highly ornamental furniture and decor. However the book ‘The Architecture of Country Houses‘ published in 1859, suggests that the highly gilded, ornate furnishings and details should be left to city dwellings. The mindset of cottage homes wasContinue Reading

NEVER have dark furniture for a kitchen. It shows the dust much more than light and requires double the care. Never have extra shelves or mantels painted dark if you can help it. If it is your misfortune to have dark painted furniture, wipe it once in a few daysContinue Reading

A newly-married young couple, just about taking and furnishing a house, anticipate a great deal of pleasure in the choice and selection of their furniture, carpets, paper-hangings, etc. Both being persons of good taste, they never for one moment imagine that anything but the most complete success will crown theirContinue Reading

You can order a reprint of this company’s [Julius & Ives] catalogue at Sirlampsalot Publications . The reprint includes 5 catalogues between the years 1868 to 1883.Continue Reading