Plaster ceiling medallions were first introduced in America in the 18th century. Some know them as rosettes and occasionally they were referred to as “Plaster Centers”. These ceiling centerpieces reached a zenith of popularity in the 19th century. The bigger the room the bigger the medallion was. However, the lowerContinue Reading

When one owns a home in the country which is only tenanted during the warm summer months, it is possible to furnish it in an entirely different style from that of a house used at all seasons. The color scheme should be suggestive of coolness and rest, and an airContinue Reading

Until lately, it was the prevailing fashion, in all houses of any pretension to elegance of interior finish, to introduce more or less elaborate ornamentation of the ceilings with the aid of stucco, which was then finished in colors, giving a florid, but, for apartments of good size, a generalContinue Reading

IT is a singular fact that amid all that is being constantly written upon matters of art but little is said in reference to the interior decoration of ordinary country or city dwellings. By ordinary we mean dwellings that cost 4000 dollars or there-abouts. The art of internal decoration hasContinue Reading

Of course, says the American Builder, everybody knows, or ought to? know, that walls and ceilings are finished with plaster. But everybody may not be aware that plaster has the property of absorbing moisture. This, perhaps, will not take place in rooms where a fire is kept steadily; but inContinue Reading

The principles of the proper use of color in house interiors are not difficult to master. It is unthinking, unreflective action which makes so many un-restful interiors of homes. The creator of a home should consider, in the first place, that it is matter as important as climate, and asContinue Reading