Just an interesting little article written by “A Lover of Coffee” which discusses the sentiments of good coffee and even a preference of certain coffee substitutes, chicory being one of them. To round out the article they included a dozen tips on all things coffee. [P.S. Be sure to check back on the 1st of February for a coffee themed freebie!]Continue Reading

It is quite common now to have cards printed in tiny form, announcing the birth of infants, and giving thereon the name of the new arrival, and weight and day of birth. We have recently received cards from a mother having “two of ’em,” and the cards of each areContinue Reading

Many of our 19th century ancestors kept diaries, scrapbooks or even autograph books. The reasons varied from person to person, but one article on the subject noted that it would be a wise idea to keep a diary of the events that played out. This was true even in theContinue Reading

In Shopping The Correct Thing For employees to be patient, cheerful, and obliging. For employees to remember that it is their business to wait upon customers, and to be civil to them. For a salesman to prove that he respects himself by showing due respect to others. For a salesmanContinue Reading