It is quite common now to have cards printed in tiny form, announcing the birth of infants, and giving thereon the name of the new arrival, and weight and day of birth. We have recently received cards from a mother having “two of ’em,” and the cards of each are so neat and unique, that we are led to reproduce them here for the suggestions they may convey to other mothers who are anxious to send out something different from the commonplace.

No. 1 is that of a boy baby, and is printed in gold on a light blue paper.
No. 2 is the card of a girl, and is on white board.

Note: Seems like baby announcement cards started becoming popular sometime in the 1870’s. According to one advertisement from L. Prang and Company’s which said, “Just Out, Something Entirely New!..Birth Announcement Cards, to be used by parents to announce the birth of a child to their friends.” This was in 1879.