I ran across a couple of Victorian shoe patterns. They did not come with instructions but they are pretty straight forward. This is the first one. They were found in the Peterson’s Magazine of 1860.Continue Reading

This article appeared in the Peterson’s Magazine in 1860. I thought it could be useful to those looking to size these patterns into dolls clothes or costumes. Or it could just be interesting to know how the ladies did that back in those days. How to enlarge a diagram –Continue Reading

A pattern for a cloak called the Louis Fourteenth was given in Peterson’s Magazine of 1860. A description and instructions on putting the pattern together were also added. Next week I will give more specific instructions on how to enlarge patterns in general using this pattern as an example asContinue Reading

A Gothic cottage houseplan from the Godey’s Ladies Book for the year 1860. The houseplan is “From original design of Samuel Sloan, Architect, Philadelphia”.Continue Reading