Pink and Black, Electric Blue, Maize with Brown and Golds, Myrtle Green & Terra Cotta sounds like a beautiful bouquet of colors which were featured here in this May fashions from 1888.Continue Reading

It’s Spring and that meant spring cleaning for our ancestors! All kinds of cleaning took place like taking up carpets, repapering walls, airing blankets for storage and so much more! Read one 1870’s article on all that took place during spring cleaning! Continue Reading

IT is a singular fact that amid all that is being constantly written upon matters of art but little is said in reference to the interior decoration of ordinary country or city dwellings. By ordinary we mean dwellings that cost 4000 dollars or there-abouts. The art of internal decoration hasContinue Reading

THERE is a constant tendency toward the revival of old fashions, old styles, and old methods. These are improved, it is true, just as the crinoline of modern belle is a very different affair from the hoops which encased the fair ones of the court of Queen Anne. When ourContinue Reading

To begin with, I would have a kitchen well lighted; yes a great deal of the broad, expansive sunlight shining in boldly, as if it had a perfect right to be there. That would, of course, necessitate large windows. And then I would give as much attention to the ventilationContinue Reading

The attention that of late years has been bestowed upon all matters relating to public and domestic sanitation, has given us not only healthier towns and dwellings, but has had the incidental advantage of educating the public up to a better appreciation of the character and importance of sanitary measuresContinue Reading