Fashions May 1888

Descriptions for Figures 1 – 5, which starts on the left.

Fig.1 Walking Costume of Pink India-Silk

The underskirt has a narrow edge of black showing from under the skirt. the side-panel is made up of a black velvet or moire ribbon, with a simple design in braiding between, The overskirt forms a long full apron-front, with straight drapery at the back loosely looped over the tournure. The waist is fulled at the throat into a pointed yoke, and again fulled into the point at the waist, the back is round. A four-inch ribbon ties round the waist, shaping the pointed bodice in front with bow-and-ends. Full double-puffed sleeves into narrow cuffs. High standing collar. The waist fastens inside on the lining,. Hat6 of straw, faces and trimmed with black velvet and pink ribbon loops.

Fig II. Promenade-Dress, or Maize-Colored Henrietta-Cloth

The front-width is much wrinkled upon the foundation. The side-panels are made up either of striped novelty woolen or silk to corresponds or are tilled up with straight braid and passementerie. Edge of basque, cuffs, and collar to correspond. The shoulder-cape or mantelet fits closely to the shoulders, the fronts fill-in under a pointed belt or clasp, and the ends loop to form paniers on to teh skirt, fastening on the hip under a passementerie. All the trimmings are in browns and gold. Straw hat, faced with brown velvet and trimmed with shaded ostrich tips.

Fig III – Visiting-Dress, of Plaid and Plain Electric-Blue Bengaline

The skirt, of the plaid, is plain and all around, the fullness of the back being laid in wide side-plaits. The overskirt forms a long draped apron-front; one side-drapery as seen in the illustration; the back long and slightly puffed over the tournure. The waist has a plaited vest of the plain surah, with revers running into the point of the basque, of the plaid. Coat-sleeves. Small turban, made of the material of the gowm, trimmed with two small wings with loops of ribbon.

Fig IV. – Walking-Costume, of Myrtle-Green Nun’s Veiling Combines with Fancy Striped Surah.

The stripe is fulled into one side-the left, generally – forming a panel. Drapery, both front and back, long, straight , and full. The long pointed bodice opens over a full vest of the surah, the top plaits of which are crossed in diamond shaped lines with braid of the color of the gown; this is repeated at the top of the panel. The back of the sleeves have a full plaiting of the surah, epaulette and cuffs to match the top of the vest. Round turban hat of the materials, turned-up side-brim with the surah, trimmed with cock’s-plumes and loops of ribbon.

Fig V. Visiting-Dress, of Terra-Cotta Colored Surah,

trimmed with moire of a lighter shade,. The plain underskirt has plain folds of the material, of two lapping each other across the front-width, Same kind of folds cover the front of the waist,. The polonaise has the moire fulled upon the waist, as the fronts open over the skirt. The moire forms the paniers and the wide border around the bottom of the skirt. Plain coat-sleeves and wide waistband with buckles finish this costume. Turban hat of straw, trimmed with loops of ribbon and quills. If preferred, the drapery may be arranged upon the skirt and the round waist separate.