Bubble Parties became quite the fashion in the late Victorian years. You could do this indoors during the colder months for a little “summery” fun or make a warm summer day fun! Bubbles are always fun! In England at the present time Bubble Parties is one of the favorite amusements. TheContinue Reading

WITH the spread of Anglo-mania, smooth, bare floors, in early English style, have grown more and more popular, and wealthy men pay more dollars per square foot than I care to specify, for rosewood, mahogany, West India cherry, and antique oak floors, solid, not veneered. And yet, with all thisContinue Reading

ONE WAY TO BIND  Neatly, Substantially And Usefully. Nothing so admirable for the household elsewhere exists as Good Housekeeping, and the successive numbers should be preserved and bound. There is more need of binding this than other magazines, because it will be referred to oftener. The magazine is more convenientContinue Reading

Tis to be hoped that no one expects a fashion article from the above title, for I confess at the start that the most know-nothing clerk at the linen counter in any of our large dry goods stores knows more of “the fashion ” in towels than I do. Besides,Continue Reading

Until lately, it was the prevailing fashion, in all houses of any pretension to elegance of interior finish, to introduce more or less elaborate ornamentation of the ceilings with the aid of stucco, which was then finished in colors, giving a florid, but, for apartments of good size, a generalContinue Reading

The attention devoted to the construction of lamps, electroliers and chandeliers for gas and electric lighting, has had the effect of greatly improving the artistic merits of these fixtures, which afford so inviting a field for the exercise of the skill and good taste of the designer. The same improvementContinue Reading