Bubble Parties became quite the fashion in the late Victorian years. You could do this indoors during the colder months for a little “summery” fun or make a warm summer day fun! Bubbles are always fun!

In England at the present time Bubble Parties is one of the favorite amusements. The hostess provides pretty bowls not too large for slight wrists to hold and the blow pipes are tied with pretty ribbons. The parties are held out of doors if the weather permits. Prizes are given for the largest bubble and the bubble that goes highest and for the bubble that lasts longest and the bubble that floats longest. All this requires a couple of umpires to decide who are the winners. It is possible to add many features to the bubble party. The pipes might be trimmed in two colors thus dividing the company in two parties each side endeavoring to outdo their opponents. The gentlemen might be provided with knots of ribbon that would match certain pipes two pipes and a knot of ribbon might match forming the company into couples who might strive together for a prize. If the party can be arranged for out of doors it is much more beautiful for the light on a floating bubble is a delight to the eye and when the wind is light a bubble will keep afloat for some time while its movements are very graceful. A little ingenuity will make the bubble party a novel delightful entertainment and one that will give very little trouble to the hostess. It would make a pretty entertainment in a tennis court the effort being to prevent the bubbles of one party going over the netting a bubble that kept afloat and passed over the netting counting for a given number in favor of the side from which the bubble came. The ladies could make the bubble the gentlemen try to float it over the netting the opposing gentlemen trying to prevent its passing over by blowing through the blow pipes against the bubble. A five o clock tea on the lawn of a summer hotel might by this contest be made quite gay the game could be played by all.