Wearing nature was never a problem for the Victorians. Here the humble little apple seed was turned into a sweet Victorian comb from 1868. Continue Reading

I run across a lot of these sort of lists for remedies but there are many on this particular list I had never run across before. I thought this was quite an interesting read. These were extracted from a book in 1838.Continue Reading

A Victorian medicine chest is described along with common contents and how to use them. This certainly provides a sharp contrast to what kind of supplies are kept in household medicine cabinets today. The article was originally published in 1887 of the Good Housekeeping magazine. Every family should be suppliedContinue Reading

THE frequent use of “oils,” “bear’s grease,” “arctusine,” “pomades,” “lustrals,” “rosemary washes,” and such like, upon the hair, is a practice not to be commended. All of these oils and greasy pomades are manufactured from lard-oil and simple lard. No “bear’s grease” is ever used. If it could be procuredContinue Reading

Winter has brought the nuisance of dried & chapped skin for centuries! Here are 2 historic recipes for balms one might have used over 200 years ago! Continue Reading

The favorite cosmetic for removing freckles in Paris is an ounce of alum and an ounce of lemon-juice in a pint of rose-water.Continue Reading