Still on the topic of an early Victorian bedroom, it was suggested in the book The Architecture of Country Houses good furniture could be purchased from Edward Hennessey of Boston. It described a small bedroom set like this:

“This furniture is remarkable for its combination of lightness and strength, and its essentially cottage-like character. It is very highly finished and is usually painted drab, white, gray, a delicate lilac, or a fine blue – the surface polished and hard, like enamel. Some of the better sets have groups of flowers or other designs painted upon them with artistic skill.”

1. A Dressing Bureau

2. A Small Table

3. A Wash Sink

4. A French Bedstead.

5. Four Cottage Chairs.

The book goes on to mention iron bedsteads and how they came in a great variety of patterns and some beautiful designs. However, wooden beds were still considered better, but the iron bedsteads could be purchased for low prices and were even suggested to be the best choice for the servants’ bed-room.