Very many steps can be saved by condensing things into smaller spaces. To have things in reaching distance saves a great many steps, and every housekeeper should study to do that in all her work.

The miles of ground the house mother goes over in the performance of her daily tasks will never be known, and only she herself finds it out when health and strength are gone.

With an arrangement like our illustration, which any one could have hung above or beside the table, many minutes could be saved, and if the work can be accomplished with greater dispatch, that much more time could be taken for rest.

Towels of various sorts are very necessary in the kitchen.

A large paddle, like our illustration, with hooks all along the handle, hung in a convenient place, would always be a ready receiver for towels and aprons.

Ah, if we can make our kitchens any more attractive, let us do so, for so many of us have to spend a great deal of our time there.

Source Farm & Fireside November 1, 1891