The braided rug is still ever so popular today. Even in my babyhood I sat playing on a very large braided rug at my grandmother’s house. They have found their place in homes for generations now. They have indeed stood the test of time in practicality, charm, and sturdiness. IContinue Reading

A crafts project from 1855 using the seeds of the muskmelon, which can include the varieties of honeydew and cantaloupe. The article is found in Peterson’s magazine. Take a needle and thread and string through one end of the seed, (just near enough the end not to break the seed)Continue Reading

ROSIN Soap {yellow soap}.–Fifteen per cent, of rosin can be saponified with potash or soda lye, and mixed with clear, warm tallow soap to a good purpose; more would deteriorate it, although for the cheapest grade of soaps, thirty-three per cent is often added; but such soaps remain soft andContinue Reading

To every woman who does her own housework, “those porches” are a daily nightmare — particularly in dry, dusty weather. Mopping is wet, dirty work — hard alike on hands, clothes and temper. To avoid this vexation of spirit, try the plan given below: Buy a yard and a quarterContinue Reading

ONE WAY TO BIND  Neatly, Substantially And Usefully. Nothing so admirable for the household elsewhere exists as Good Housekeeping, and the successive numbers should be preserved and bound. There is more need of binding this than other magazines, because it will be referred to oftener. The magazine is more convenientContinue Reading

IT will surprise the reader to learn that tying up parcels is so expensive that the busiest storekeepers are endeavoring to do without it as far as possible. Have you noticed how of late years, in the great shopping stores in New York, parcels are no longer fastened with string,Continue Reading