How to Make Muskmelon Seed Baskets

A crafts project from 1855 using the seeds of the muskmelon, which can include the varieties of honeydew and cantaloupe. The article is found in Peterson’s magazine.
Take a needle and thread and string through one end of the seed, (just near enough the end not to break the seed) enough to form a circle at the bottom, as we begin at the bottom first. (Fig 1.) Then put two between each seed, (Fig 2.) and so on until the bottom is as large as you want it.

It is better, however, not to make them too large, as they do not sell well, and are much neater and prettier small. The size of a large china teacup is a very pretty size and shape. When you get the bottom large enough, you begin to sum up and add two or three seed between as the shape requires. You shape it as you do crochet work, into any figure you please. You begin at the bottom and continue to go round until you get to the top, and until it is finished.

The top seeds are turned down so as to form a flat circle or rim, and between every two or three seed a bead is added. Large red beads are the prettiest. Make a wire handle and wrap it with ribbon. Sew such wire in the inside at the top to make them stiff, and line them with silk. Tack in a row of seed around the bottom for a stand, and insert beads between like the top. Bows of ribbon are put at each side of the handle.