February For the Love of...Coffee Blog Train

Ahh coffeee! A lot of us enjoy our morning cup of coffee just as the Victorians did. I had a lot of fun putting this Victorian inspired kit together...Continue Reading

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Welcome! - A Victorian Passage has published 221 articles on a diverse range of subjects. Most of our growing archive of Victorian Era subjects are taken directly from 19th century sources to achieve a closer look into how our ancestors really lived. We have also been expanding our historical eras to include Early American from 1790-1839 and the Edwardian period of the early 20th century. Latest article added February 1, 2016

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January Crafty Evening Blog Train

Normally this time of year the wood furnace is running full steam and we are usually dusted with snowflakes & zippy cold air. But this year its deciding to...
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November PixelScrapper Thankful Harvest Blog Train

I was inspired by the colors of this month's palette at Pixelscrapper so I was able to make a small contribution toward this train. I gave it a kitcheny...
Continue Reading

May PixelScrapper Renewel Blog Train

In Victorian times the month of May was set aside for the spring cleaning. After living in a house that is nearly 200 years old and having burned wood...
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April PixelScrapper Reflections Blog Train

Sorry its been a few months since I have been able to offer another freebie! But I'm happily able to join this month's blog train at PixelScrapper. My take...Continue Reading

Antebellum Eve

Well I have another freebie for you today! This kit was inspired by those kind of evening's which were commonly spent during the 19th century by the fireside. This...Continue Reading

November PixelScrapper Our House Blog Train

Its November! In our neck of the woods that means the leaves are slowly falling off the trees and the weather is turning rainy and cool. Time to think...Continue Reading

Dapper Gentleman

Here I am again just a few days before the Pixelscrapper November train starts and I have another scrapbook kit freebie to squeeze in before it! This masculine themed...Continue Reading

October PixelScrapper Autumn Art Blog Train

I can hardly believe its already October! And since it's October that means Blog Train time over at PixelScrapper. This month's theme was Autumn Art. For our contribution we...Continue Reading

Back to Basics - Grandma's Kitchen Scrapbooking Kit

Tomorrow is the first day of the October Blog Train for Pixelscrapper so there will be a couple of freebies for you. But I'm going to squeeze in one...Continue Reading

Winter Tales Word Art for Scrapbooking

All this cool weather we are having for early fall has me thinking ahead to what kind of winter we are in for. Just yesterday we had our first...Continue Reading

Calling Card Mini Scrapbook Kit

I will now be creating scrapbooking kits & the like under our new name Antebellum Design House. I'm sorry its been a very long delay between this Freebie and...Continue Reading

Pineapple Cheese

An old newspaper ad, published right after the civil war ended simply stated, "Pine Apple Cheese. 50 Boxes received by mail-boat, and for sale by Geo. C. Hunter &...Continue Reading

Sugar Blues - A Sweet Wrapper

Today, most of us here in America can still buy sugar which comes in a paper bag. Yet, paper is no stranger to sugar since wrapping it in paper...Continue Reading

Back to School Series: Slate Pencils

Slate pencils were simliar to the chalk we use today. Slate pencils were made to use on slate boards, which were the predecessor to chalkboards. At least two varieties...Continue Reading

1888 German Spielbuch { Book of Children's Games}

I have yet another eBook to offer. This one is a German book of children's games and songs. Now I haven't been able to read much of it since...Continue Reading

How Fish-Hooks are Made

This article was found in The Manufacturer and Builder - Februray 1870 issue. It looks at how fish hooks were still being produced in the 1870s and near the...Continue Reading

Simple Remedies

I run across a lot of these sort of lists for remeides but there are many on this particular list I had actually never run across before. It was...Continue Reading

1824 Domestic Cookery Cookbook

I have a pretty large download this time around. It's an ebook of my 1824 Domestic Cookery cookbook. Its loaded with recipes of all kinds and even some handwritten...Continue Reading

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