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    Bubble Parties

    Bubble Parties became quite the fashion¬†in the late Victorian years. You could do this indoors during the colder months for a little “summery” fun or make a warm summer day fun! Bubbles are always fun! In England at the present time Bubble Parties is one of the favorite amusements. The hostess provides pretty bowls not too large for slight wrists to hold and the blow pipes are tied with pretty ribbons. The parties are held out of doors if the weather permits. Prizes are given for the largest bubble and the bubble that goes highest and for the bubble that lasts longest and the bubble that floats longest. All this…

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    Packages Made of Paper

    I don’t know why but I am always fascinated in old packaging & wrapping techniques. Maybe its because these are hard to come by now. We have few surviving examples and some are just lost forever. Then too just like psychology goes into how we package things today to market and sell an item I find it interesting to see the psychology behind this from times long gone. And of course I love paper craft! So when I find articles about these subjects I am always reading with interest. And what can be more fun than talking about butter and cheese boxes? Oh and be sure to check the links…

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    Sugar Blues – A Sweet Wrapper

    Ever wonder how much sugar those in the 1800's would use? Have you ever heard of Sugar Cones? Well this article is a little history about sugar cones and how they were wrapped in the 19th century. Complete with a couple memoirs, some recycling advice for the wrappers and even learn a little about a common brand from the grocery store!

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    Back to School Series: Slate Pencils

    Slate pencils were similar to the chalk we use today. Slate pencils were made to use on slate boards, which were the predecessor to chalkboards. At least two varieties of slate pencils could be found in America in the 1870’s or before. A black variety, manufactured in Germany, which was described as being hard, black and full of grit. Then there was the soft lighter colored slate pencil which had been termed ‘Light or Soap Stone’. In the early days these would have looked like they had been whittled out with a knife but around the 1870s they had become perfectly round thanks to advances in the manufacturing process. Tho…