I couldn’t resist publishing the following little “lingo”, as it’s called, from an 1887 Almanac. Someone long ago devised a special way to find the first day of the month. This dates before 1837 according to the narrative, so it is quite old and very interesting. I haven’t run acrossContinue Reading

One of my favorite things to do is read articles from old magazines and periodicals. I find it intriguing to get a 19th century view on things, including their own recollections of their past. I was searching for articles about school houses since I had read some rather inspiring versesContinue Reading

MATERIALS REQUIRED : Sheets of colored tissue-paper of light yellow, orange, rose-color, red, light and dark violet, deep crimson, purple, light and dark blue, and white, two of each; also a fourth as many sheets of light and dark green tissue-paper as there are players; one spool of fine wire,Continue Reading