MATERIALS REQUIRED : Sheets of colored tissue-paper of light yellow, orange, rose-color, red, light and dark violet, deep crimson, purple, light and dark blue, and white, two of each; also a fourth as many sheets of light and dark green tissue-paper as there are players; one spool of fine wire, such as tissue-paper manufacturers sell; No. 8 needles and Nu 70 white and black cotton; one bottle of mucilage (adhesive, glue or glue sticks would probably work good here); at least one third as many pairs of scissors as there are players.
As the guests arrive each one receives a slip of paper on which is written the name of a flower. When all have come and are ready to begin, the hostess gives to each person a sheet of tissue-paper of the color needed to make the flower written on each slip-or, if more than one color is needed, half a sheet of each color will be enough – with one-fourth each of light and dark green. Twenty minutes, it is announced, is the time allowed for all to make one or more of the flowers assigned to them. Each person should have a needle and thread, and if possible, the whole party should be seated around a table, or several small tables, for convenience in working. The scissors, wire, and mucilage may be used in common. When the time is up the hostess collects the flowers and a committee of four players, two ladies and two gentlemen, decides which is the most natural and perfect flower, and to the maker of this flower the whole bouquet is given by way of prize.
SUGGESTIONS FOR FLOWERS : Wild Rose, violet, daisy, tulip, sweet-pea, butter, chrysanthemum, pansy, lily, nasturtium, bachelor’s button, poppy, carnation, geranium, dandelion, aster, primrose, marigold, orchid, daffodil, arbutus.