The following suggestions applied to a breakfast or dining-room may be of service: The flat of ceiling a vellum tint, cornice of the same, but deeper in tone, in pleasing contrast with the ceiling. The prominent members of the cornice may be picked out in color to harmonize with the wall – paper. Ornamental cornices, with breaks and connecting-lines in color, may be put upon a flat ceiling. The aspect of the room should be considered in the choice of the wall-paper; if northerly, warmth of color is advisable. As a background for pictures, the paper should be low in tone and of neutral tint. Bright colors interfere somewhat with pictures. Pine wood-work may be treated in the manners following: Some of the members in the moldings around the door panels and skirting picked in black, to relieve it; or the stiles of the door and skirting grained dark oak, with the panels of the door maroon, bearing flat ornament in gold. Moldings should be relieved in gold; or the whole of the wood-work may be grained a rich dark oak, relieving the moldings with black or dark maroon, with gold beads around the panels. If a more costly decoration is required, a dado of murals is suggested, the pattern of which can be picked in color. Instead of brass picture rods, it is recommended to run a picture molding around the room a few inches below the cornice. This is more convenient than the rods, and with a neat frieze between it and the cornice adds to the general appearance of the room. A margin about 2 feet wide of stain or varnish may be made around the room, which is a saving of carpet, and is also convenient when it is desired to remove the carpet for cleaning purposes. Avoid large patterns or brilliant colors in the carpet. Oak furniture looks well on a rich, neutral green, laced with black and maroon. The flat ornament should be governed by the style of the house.