Improved Sanitary Appliances. (Kitchen Sink)

We have had occasion in former articles to describe some of the admirable novelties in sanitary appliances for the household made by the J. L. Mott
Iron Works, of this city. Of the several improved appliances of this nature which received favorable notice at our hands, the Imperial porcelain bath tubs will doubtless be recalled by our readers; and we have the pleasure now of calling attention to another said sanitary appliance, the cleanliness of which is perhaps of even more importance than that of the bath tubs, and which possesses the same advantages which were admitted to be meritorious in our previous article.

The device here described is the Imperial porcelain slop sink, of which we give an engraving, and which will be understood from the following description.
The Imperial slop sinks are in material and finish the same as the Imperial porcelain baths above alluded to. They are non-absorbent, have a perfectly smooth surface, and are not liable to crack or break with usage. There are three sizes?20 by 16, by 12 inches deep; 22 by 18, by 12 inches deep; and 24 by 20, by 12 inches deep.

To insure a thorough cleansing of every part of the sink, it is only necessary to pull the ebony handle and let go at once; this starts the siphon, and the entire contents of the cistern quickly descend to the sink. The cast brass nickel-plated rim, which is fitted to the sink, is an ingenious feature by which the water from the cistern is equally distributed over all sides of the sink; in other words, forming a perfect flushing rim it also adds very much to the neat appearance of the sink. The double-service cock for supplying hot and cold water is well made and durable. It may be fitted up as shown in the illustration, or, in case the walls are of marble or tile, a separate marble back is not required.

From the foregoing, it will be proper to say that the apparatus, in addition to being a handsome adjunct to the stationary fixtures of a kitchen, is, from a sanitary point of view, most complete in construction and operation, and worthy of commendation.

The address of the makers is 88 and 90 Beckman street, this city.