An overview of different woodenwares used in the earlier part of the 19th century are mentioned here. A few tips are mentioned in using these woodenwares as well.

“IN the primitive days of our grandfathers’ time, When the fire-place, genial and bright, Its cavernous recesses glowing with flame, Filled the old-fashioned kitchen with light;” Taken from a poem by Lizzie Clark Hardy 1877 Kitchens have changed dramatically since the early days of the 19th century. They were simpleContinue Reading

Winter has brought the nuisance of dried & chapped skin for centuries! Here are 2 historic recipes for balms one might have used over 200 years ago!

What do beer, beeswax and bread have in common? Why cleaning walls of course! Learn a few different methods that were used for cleaning walls, wainscoting & wallpaper in the early 19th century!

I’ve wandered to the village, Tom, I’ve sat beneath the tree, Upon the schoolhouse playground, that sheltered you and me; But none were there to greet me, Tom; and few were left to know, Who played with us upon that green some forty years ago. The grass is just asContinue Reading