A Conveniently Arranged Pantry

In houses of the old style there was either no pantry at all, the kitchen being furnished with a dresser and shelves, or it was merely a small closet to hold the articles in less common use. In modern houses the pantry is next in importance to the kitchen, and it should be so arranged so as to accommodate all the appliances used in cookery, as well as the china, glass-ware, cutlery and other articles for the table. In arranging a plan for building. the pantry should receive careful consideration, as next in importance to the kitchen; it should be sufficiently roomy, open into both the dining-room and the kitchen, and in order to “save steps” should be as convenient to the range or cooking stove, as circumstances will allow. The accompanying engraving represents a portion of the interior of a pantry that has been found to be convenient, as it allows the articles in common use to be got at handily, while those in less frequent demand are kept free from dust. The window is situated is near one corner and the shelves are so arranged, as to not obstruct the land from it. The shelves, B, B, 2 ½ feet from the floor, are 2 feet or more in width, and project about 3 inches beyond the closets and drawers below; these are molding and preparing pastry, and such other work, as may be most conveniently done here. The shelves at the left of the window are for the china and other table furniture in everyday use. Hooks should be placed upon the wall at the right of the window, for such articles as are required in the work done on the bench. The pantry if fitted up with an abundance of drawers and closets, of which it is hardly possible to have too many; the upper closets are for the nicer china and glass, while the lower ones serve to hold pans and other cooking utensils in less frequent use. The drawers are for table-linen, and the many uses the housekeeper will find for them. If possible, the window should be on the north side, but in any case it should have blinds for shade, and a wire gauze, or other screen to keep out flies.