LATEST PARIS FASHIONS. {from the The New York Visitor and Lady’s Album}
Bonnets there is but little change in ; they are not worn quite so forward as last month; the crowns are a little raised, and the brims shorter. The most fashionable are those of lace, crape lisse, tule, and plain and fancy rice straw. Poult de soi is mostly used for drawn bonnets.

Mantelets And Scarfs, of cashmere and silk, are not so generally worn as those of muslin and lace. Those of richly embroidered China silk are very fashionable. Shot silks are in favor for camails. Those of lace, muslin, and organdy, are lined with crape and gauze. Pelerine-cardinals, of silk, trimmed with fancy silk trimmings, are in great request.

Robes, notwithstanding the warm weather, are more generally made of silk than muslin. There is, indeed, quite a rage for shot silks. Bareges, we think, will soon lose their vogue. It is in the making, however, more than the material of robes, that the novelty this month consists. Alterations of the most decided character are proposed in ladies’ and children’s dresses.

In Evening Dress, organdy, tarlatane, and India muslin are generally adopted. In half-dress, the redingote form still preserves its ascendancy. In headdress no alteration has taken place. Flowers and ornamented combs are still worn. There is no change in colors. White still predominates.