SUMMER FASHIONS. {from the The New York Visitor and Lady’s Album}
Morning Dress.–Striped foulard robe; the bodice quite high, tight to the shape, and the front ornamented in a novel style with silk cord. Demi-long sleeves, made tight except at the elbow, below which they terminate, displaying a long undersleeve of muslin puffs. The skirt is trimmed on each side of the front, and round the border, with two deep tucks, each surmounted by a trimming composed of cord. Light green silk bonnet; a small shape, trimmed with ribbon to correspond, and a white and green willow plume.

Walking Dress.–The summers fashion for walking dresses are remarkably chaste and pretty. Close cottage bonnets are decidedly in vogue; flowers of white or fancy colored muslin, lace or straw, are still favorites, but are more delicate and lighter, than those of any previous season.

We give in our present number a beautiful plate of the July fashions. The standing figure represents a walking dress of white muslin, ornamented at the bottom with several rows of lace insertion; a pea-green silk mantilla, lined with fancy color, and finished with a scalloped frill, is thrown gracefully around the shoulders. The bodice of the dress is made of insertion and puffs to correspond with the skirts: light kid gloves and half gaiters complete the costume. The sitting figure also wears a walking dress of blush coloured striped silk; a muslin mantilla of a new pattern, with a full trimming of lace, fastened at the elbow with rosette of ribbon to match the dress, which gives a very pretty effect; bonnet of white silk, and white lace veil; the hair is worn in two long ringlets on each side of the face; the pocket handkerchiefs still continue to be decorated with broad thread lace– a piece of extravagance scarcely to be encouraged these hard times.

Carriage Dress. — Muslin robe; the skirt is trimmed horizontally, with a succession of points, lightly embroidered; bodice made high, and cased in a succession of horizontal rows; the sleeves correspond. Italian straw bonnet; the interior trimmed with flowers ; the exterior with a pink and white willow plume, and pink ribbon. A very broad pink ribbon descends in long floating ends from the girdle.