Displaying Small Kitchen Wares

In many stores we have seen window displays of small kitchen wares, they being usually laid on the show window floor. It is a somewhat difficult method of display, as they do not stand out sufficiently prominent. Kieffer Brothers utilize the method indicated in the accompanying illustration.

The boards are 8 feet high and 3 feet wide. Two are used in the large show windows at a time. On the one board were fastened various sized enamel spoons. On the other were shown dippers, graters, cake turners, cups, ect both in tin and graniteware. As the background on the boards was a dull red cloth and the edges of the boards were a black moulding, these, together with the color of the goods gave a touch of color to the display. It is an inexpensive method and at the same time more attractive if the goods were loosely laid around the window bottom.