1908 H & H Mfg Co. Advertisement for bath accessories.

“One very great convenience in a bath room is a towel bar at a suitable height, placed against the wall all around the room, except where it would interfere with other stationary furniture. Bars of heavy glass or nickel plate are easiest kept clean. Every bath tub should be provided with a large sponge-holder of wire or metal, and a soap-holder also, either of metal or india rubber. They all should hang, not stand, on the bath tub’s edge. Over the face-basin, or else beside it, another soap-holder should hang. It is less trouble to keep things looking nice in a bath room where nothing is allowed to stand on the basin’s edge or on the bath-tub, because when left on those places they are apt to get pushed about and have no settled abiding place,and it takes longer to clean up with things in the way to be lifted about.

A set of inclosed hanging shelves can be used for many things needed in a bath room; they will, at the same time, aid in preserving order. In fact, that end should be always in view when house-settling is going on. Ingenious people can contrive many inexpensive additions to a house that will cultivate habits of order in those who seem most disorderly. Three or four large double clothes-hooks screwed upon the inside of a bath room’s door, and left exclusively for the use of persons going in there for a bath, are amongst the requisites for that room. No one should be allowed to monopolize anything in a bath room used by several persons. It should be always free and open to all, and invariably left in order by the last bather. “