The Modern Bath-Room. (1885)

We have pleasure in being able to lay before our readers, from advance sheets of a new catalogue about to be issued by the J. L. Mott Iron Works, of 88 and 90 Beckman street, New York, the accompanying beautiful illustration representing the appointments of a modern?and, we might add, model -bath-room, the whole making a most harmonious and effective combination.
The immediate purpose of or which the illustration was prepared, was to show the manner in which certain articles, which figure in the pages of the catalogue, should be disposed in the modern bath-room. The articles illustrated in the picture comprise the Imperial porcelain bath and seat-bath, both fitted with supply fixtures and the McFarland waste; the Hygeia cistern water-closet, bidet and wash-stand, fitted with oval wash-basin and McFarland waste. The wood-work represented is mahogany, and the general design is described as Elizabethan. The size of the room shown is about 13 by 10 1/2 feet. The general impression which the apartment makes on the observer is that of excellerit taste and luxurious comfort.