CHASTE yet neat ornaments add much to the appearance of any building, while nakedness on the one hand, and meretricious display on the other are equally displeasing. In very few of the brackets which are seen attached to houses are elegance and simplicity so combined as to produce a pleasing result, and we therefore submit, with great pleasure, the following designs which are from the hand of a well known New York architect. Fig.1. is a scroll piazza bracket, while in Figs. 2, 3, 4, are given designs for cornice brackets of great simplicity and yet remarkable for elegance. Fig.5. shows a cornice bracket of rather more elaborate construction, while in Fig. 7 is seen in perspective a double face bracket, which in its appropriate place would be highly ornamental. Fig. 6 is a triangular scroll bracket. There is no carving on the face of any of these brackets. They can be made as thick as may be required for the style of the building to which they are to be attached, and any carpenter with a little ingenuity and a small amount of practice can lay off and cut out these brackets without assistance.