Fashionable Edwardian Hats from October 1902.

Edwardian Hats – October 1902

Here are the descriptions of the hats above, which are numbered:

No. 1. — This hat in the becoming toque shape is made of shaded Autumn foliage with berries intermingled, and a bow of velvet in a shade to harmonize with the predominating tone in the foliage is at the back against the brim.

No. 2. — A large hat made of black velvet and black Chantilly lace is here shown. The crown is low and formed of the velvet, while the wide brim of velvet is softly draped; the lace falls over the edge all around, with ends resting over the hair at the back. A white velvet rose and Autumn leaves are placed against the brim at the left side where it flares.

No. 3. — For this attractive, youthful hat cream satin Liberty, finely plaited and edged with a narrow lace, was arranged in a succession of rows over a chiffon-covered wire frame. Loops of rose-colored ribbon are disposed at the left side of the brim, and a wreath of tiny rose-buds is also arranged on the brim facing. A soft coil of the ribbon encircles the low crown.

No. 4. — The smart hat illustrated here is made of blue and green mixed fancy felt braid. Dark-blue velvet is draped on top of the low crown, and a speckled quill is thrust through it, while a bow of the velvet arranged at the back provides the touch of completion.

No. 5. — This hat of dark-blue and white felt braid is recommended for youthful wearers. The crown and a portion of the brim are of the blue braid, the white braid giving a pleasing finish to the edge of the latter. A band of dark- blue velvet is arranged across the brim facing over the edge and encircles the crown, and is formed in a bow at the back. A cabochon of the blue felt is placed on the edge of the brim, and one of the same size secures the velvet band on a bandeau that rests on the head at the left side.

No. 6. — Unusual charm marks this picture hat of black velvet. White Liberty satin is arranged in soft folds on the edge of the wide, straight brim and also encircles the broad, low crown, and a band is brought over on top of the crown and over the edge of the brim at the side. A white ostrich plume, secured by a pearl cabochon, completes the hat.