Coming your way is a Victorian meal plan for 365 days! Follow us through 2019 to see what Victorians were eating in the 1880’s! The meals will be linked to recipes so be sure and visit the original post from our “On the Hearth” website to try them out for yourself!

  • January 31

    Menu: Breakfast: Sally Lunn, pork steak, fried potatoes. | Dinner: Fillet of beef stuffed and baked, potatoes, cabbage salad, beets; baked apple dumplings, cake. | Supper:  Toasted Sally Lunn, cold beef, apple croutes.

  • January 30

    Menu: Breakfast: Oat meal porridge, panned oysters on toast, fried raw potatoes. | Dinner : Baked fish, mashed potatoes, mayonnaise of salmon, salsify stewed, cranberry sauce; brown betty, cake. | Supper: Light biscuit, fish balls, apple fritters with sugar.

  • January 29

    Menu: Breakfast: Corn cakes, broiled sausage, fricasseed potatoes. | Dinner: Roast beef, potatoes, chicken salad, cranberry sauce, celery; plain boiled pudding with sauce, cake. | Supper: Plain bread, cold beef, rice fritters with jelly.

  • January 28

    Menu: Breakfast: Waffles, broiled beefsteak, potatoes. | Dinner: Chicken boiled with soup, whole potatoes boiled, plain boiled rice, cabbage salad; apple pie, cake. | Supper: Vienna rolls, cold chicken, canned fruit, cake.

  • January 27

    Menu: Breakfast: Graham gems, broiled mutton, potatoes. | Dinner: Escal-oped turkey, baked potatoes, split peas, onion salad; prairie plum pudding with whipped cream. | Supper: Toasted gems, pates of cold turkey, tea rusk, jelly.