Most young housekeepers take a deep interest in the furnishing and equipment of their tables — not alone with the food supplies which are there to be served, the dishes which are to contain them, the appointments which are to make everything neat and cozy but as well and especiallyContinue Reading

So much has recently been written and printed regarding sheets, pillow-slips and other white clothes for the bed that it may be quite as well to dismiss them with a few words. In the great majority of cases, even those favored housewives who have GOOD HOUSEKEEPING as a guide, areContinue Reading

Jam Jars, Glass Jars, Tumblers, and Pails from 1894

A SERIOUS JAR. If Jem is the same as Jim, And G sounds the same as J, Then between a Gem, and Jim, and Jem, What is the difference, pray ? We read about Gem Jars, — Jars made for holding jam. Then, are these Gem jars jim jam jars?Continue Reading

To every woman who does her own housework, “those porches” are a daily nightmare — particularly in dry, dusty weather. Mopping is wet, dirty work — hard alike on hands, clothes and temper. To avoid this vexation of spirit, try the plan given below: Buy a yard and a quarterContinue Reading