A correspondent (to whom we are obliged) strongly recommends the following simple remedy for toothache, from her own experience of it benefit. It is simply two or three drops of oil of juniper used every morning on the toothbrush after washing the teeth. We may say here that we areContinue Reading

To clean hair-brushes, put a spoonful of pearlash into a pint of boiling water, then fasten a bit of sponge to the end of a stick, dip it into the solution, and wash the brush. Next pour some hot water over it, and dry before the fire. Meanings of WordContinue Reading

Take a Florentine orrisroot a pound and a half; calamus aromaticus, half a pound; yellow sandal-wood, a quarter of a pound; gum-benjamin, five ounces; cloves, half an ounce. Beat the whole into powder, and fill your bags with it. The bags are best made of very thin silk of theContinue Reading

Hair, when removed by illness or old age has been restored by the following simple means; though they are not likely too prove efficacious to all cases. Rub the bald places frequently with an onion.Continue Reading