After we have done the best possible with the bedroom, we come to the chief article within that very useful apartment — the bed, and its makeup. The first thing to be considered is the bedstead. Fortunately, this is a much less pretentious and elaborate affair than a generation orContinue Reading

Very few think of using the old-fashioned blue or brown denims in house furnishing, and yet in many places it is very durable and really pretty. It makes a neat carpet for a bedroom, study, or any room where there is not too much wear on the carpet. If blueContinue Reading

From present indications, there is one important field which the metal aluminum has just fairly invaded, and which it will shortly occupy to the exclusion of all other materials. We refer to kitchen and cooking utensils. It has only been within the past year or two that any special attentionContinue Reading

The principles of the proper use of color in house interiors are not difficult to master. It is unthinking, unreflective action which makes so many un-restful interiors of homes. The creator of a home should consider, in the first place, that it is matter as important as climate, and asContinue Reading