The Transformation of Our Country House

Above left photo: The “Senate” House at Hurley, N.Y. as it was when we found and bought it. The grounds comprise about two acres. Above right photo: Our work was principally one of restoration. The small-paned windows and old-fashioned door add much to the appearance of the house. Having at

Wreaths for Decorations

PART 2 – A fascinating look into how to create wreaths, whether for wrapping a pillar or hanging from a frame it gives us an idea of how the Victorians created wreaths and what kinds of plants went into them.

Antebellum Press

Fashions for July

DESCRIPTION OF STEEL FASHION-PLATE FOR JULY Fig. 1. — Dress of white grenadine barege, spotted with purple. One deep fluted flounce is on the edge of the skirt. Over this is a narrow fluted ruffle and a rose quilling of purple silk. The corsage is low, in order that it

Fashions October 1852

No 10.—OCTOBER 1852. The grand novelty at Delisle’s for out-of-door winter garments is a new tissue, stronger than cloth, as supple as cashmere, and as soft and silky as velvet. It is called ouatine. This splendid article is destined to one of those immense successes which mark an epoch. Ouatine

Fashion Plate : October 1875

A fashion plate from October 1875.