A couple of Victorian articles on canned foods. The first one goes into describing the process of packing and canning certain foods and also lists many of the foods that were currently being canned. The second article goes into how to use canned foods. Both articles date to 1889. TheContinue Reading

Jam Jars, Glass Jars, Tumblers, and Pails from 1894

A SERIOUS JAR. If Jem is the same as Jim, And G sounds the same as J, Then between a Gem, and Jim, and Jem, What is the difference, pray ? We read about Gem Jars, — Jars made for holding jam. Then, are these Gem jars jim jam jars?Continue Reading

A kitchen should always be well furnished; there is no necessity that it should be profusely so, but there should be a sufficiency of every thing which can aid in producing the dishes preparing, with the success which is so essential to the gratification of the palate. In furnishing aContinue Reading

From present indications, there is one important field which the metal aluminum has just fairly invaded, and which it will shortly occupy to the exclusion of all other materials. We refer to kitchen and cooking utensils. It has only been within the past year or two that any special attentionContinue Reading