Men and Women Fashions January 1844

This colorful fashion plate found in the Graham’s American Monthly Magazine of January 1844. I haven’t run across too many plates that feature men’s fashion’s at all let alone alongside women’s.


Fig. 1.–The entirely new style of coats with standing collar–vests of buff cassimer–pants dark brown, with stripe.


Fig. 2.–A dress of white satin, trimmed with volants of broad white lace. Paletot of dark violet velvet, edged all round with sable; cape, collar, and loose long sleeve, all bordered with sable; the backs of the open sleeve being closed with a chain work of silk cord, tied at the bottom part with a naud and tassels. Head dress perfectly plain.


Fig. 3.–A dress of Pekin silk, dark blue ; the entire dress is made perfectly plain, and fits close to the figure. Manteau of rich satin, of a dark fawn color, made rather shorter in length than the dress; the fronts and small cape are composed of velvet, edged with a narrow fulling of satin. The ends of the cape reach to about half way down the cloak ; the ends being ornamented with long silk tassels of the same color as the satin; the velvet with which the cloak is trimmed being three shades darker than the satin. Bonnet of black velvet; the interior trimmed with nauds of orange satin ribbon ; the exterior with black lace, and a garland of roses.


Fig. 4.–A dress composed of French orange satin ; the skirt made very full, with plain high body and sleeves. Mantelet of green satin, bordered all round with a trimming piqu , having a raised effect; the two ends of this mantelet fall very low in front. Bonnet of white velours epingle ; the crown of the chapeau on the left side decorated with a small plume of ostrich tips, and on the right with a fanciful trimming of the same material, edged round with a narrow white blonde falling partly on the front and low on the side ; this trimming forms also the bavolet, or curtain, at the back. No trimming is worn in the interior of the bonnet.