LATEST PARIS FASHIONS {from the The New York Visitor and Lady’s Album}

Selected from the French and English Monthlies, brought ,by the Steamer Britainnia.

Walking Dresses. — In promenade dresses the skirts are quite plain, while the corsages are tight, and a little busques*. Many dresses are made high up to the throat; and with regard to the sleeves they differ materially in the shape; but the most remarkable are les manches a caitles, or, as you would call them, tubes, having the appearance of scales ; another plan is, having the sleeves fulled in the seam. The corsages are by no means new, although unique ; they are generally ornamented with folds, reaching from the waist to the top. The materials most en vogue are the better sorts of painted flannels, plaided merinos, and cachemeres. The materials for full dress promenade consists of les veckinets, les moires, and also poplins. Some extremely becoming dresses, which have just appeared, are composed of satin glace uni, the corsages busquts, with facings, edged with velvet, the jupe open at the sides, showing the under skirt of a different colour; the opening being prettily ornamented with velvet straps, in blue glance; others in pompadour silks of different patterns, in vivid colours. The corsages to these dresses are of the fan style, with plaits, very small and round, separating a little up the middle, and finishing on the shoulders ; the sleeves are laced, demi large, and open up the centre, allowing of the satin puffings to be seen, which are of a different colour. The ornaments finish with a lace silk cord trimming all round the dress, representing beautiful flowers, which add much to the graceful appearance.

Bonnets.— Both bonnets and capotes are now made of pink satin, and of a more open shape than last month, trimmed with English lace, and white feathers. The favourite trimmings for the interior are very small roses in velvet; another elegant style, probably more suited for the promenade than the former, is that made of white satin, simply ornamented with a noeud toscan, while the interior is decorated with coques of ribbon ; a violette d’ Angleterre completes this very pretty bonnet, which, no doubt, will be in high estimation. Many are still made in velvet, rather more open: those in emerald are ornamented with a willow leather, of the same colour; the trimming of the interior consisting of red camellias. Others are trimmed with English lace; a delicate feather in the weeping style falls gracefully on the bonnet.

Hats.–The favourite colour for hats and capotes for morning, are ruby, black, violet, green, and Marie Louise* : they are profusely ornamented with lace ; it is generally placed lightly on the brim, covering camellias, or other delicate flowers.

Dress Caps.–The prettiest cap, and the most stylish, is called a la Babel, composed of English point lace. The ears rather short, and embellished on each side with a single rose, fastened by a choice shaded ribbon, which having been passed round and tied behind, the ends, which are long, fall upon the neck; another, which is very fashionable, is a pretty little coquetish cap, made ot lace, with no other ornament than green velvet rouleaus*.

New Style Of Dresses.–Black is now becoming quite a portion of full dress for grand occasions. Black velvet and satin dresses are ornamented with a profusion of lace; but the greatest novelty consists of silk fringe and jet beads, of which the ornaments are composed. Many hundred elegant dresses of this description have lately appeared.

Turbans. — A very becoming turban has just been introduced, very much resembling the sacred fillets, patronized by the Israelite Jews; they are small and round, placed backward on the head. To these turbans are attached two broad lappets, in gold blonde, which fall gracefully on each side of the turban.

Flowers.–The most delicate flowers are fashionable for every article of toilette, as well for hair coiffure as dresses, on which they serve to fasten up the draperies.

* Explanation of terms:
[Fr.] Busque [Eng. Busk] – A piece of steel or whale-bone, worn by women to strengthen their stays.
Rouleau – A roll of ribbon.
Marie Louise – A color in the blue family.