Fig. 1.–(301).–The Daisy Ball Toilette, for a young lady. It may be made of pink alpaca, satin, or silk; trimmed with blonde lace. The body of polonaise is frilled and gathered at waist, front, and back, and at the shoulders. The skirt is well draped in front and back, edged with blonde and trimmed with ribbons. The underskirt consists of a tablier laid in deep pleats. The sides and back are formed of numerous plisse’ flounces. It will require 14yds.alpaca; 5yds. blonde; 8 yds. ribbon.

Fig. 2.–(302).–Theatre and Dinner Costume of black velvet and satin. The underskirt is made of satin, the front being bouillonne’, and edged all round by a plisse’ flounce. The overskirt consists of large tabs of velvet at sides, attached by brandebourgs to the train, which is bouillonne en pouff, cut square, and edged by a plisse’ of satin. The body is cut pointed in front, and forms a swallow-tail at back. There is a fan-shaped stomacher of satin on tho breast, and puffed sleeves of satin with velvet tops. Quantities required: 10yds.velvet; 14 yds. satin;14 brandebourgs.

Fig. 3.–(303).–The Heathcote Reception Toilette of garnet-colored silk, satin, or alpaca, trimmed with cream-colorod embroidery. The body is fronce’ back and front, terminating in a point. It is trimmed with a large collar forming cape, and is edged all round by a broad band of embroidery. The overskirt is draped shawl-fashion by fancy buttons. The underskirt is laid in pleats in front, and puffed behind: it is trimmed by an embroidered flower, and two small plisses. It will require 14 yds. material; 4 yds. narrow embroidery ; 3 1/2 yds. wide embroidery, 12 buttons; 3 larger