Kitchen Holders [we call them pot holders now]

More ideas on pot holders…
“A Good cook is not likely to use her apron for a holder, but it is often a temptation to do so, unless she has a good supply of holders. Not only should there be enough for present use but some in the pantry drawers to fall back upon. They are made in all ways. Some fold half a dozen thicknesses of cloth into a rectangle and bind the edges. Others make the inside of any clean material, stocking legs being often put to this use, and have the outside of thick material, such as cloaking, and every piece coming to the edge, sew over and over around it, taking coarse quilting through it and finishing with a loop. We half suspect one reason why the apron is so often put to the indignity of serving for a holder is because it is longer and can be placed on the dish in two places. Why not make longer holders then?

When one cup towel is worn past convenient using put it aside until two or three more are in like condition ; then, fastening these together, you will find the hole in one covered by good places in another, and that you have a holder worth many times its cost in time and patience saved. Try and keep your holders clean. It takes but a few moments to wash them out, and a sticky holder makes one nervous, and doubles the possibility of dropping the hot dish.”