The Art of Washing Clothes.

INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 20, 1849.

Messrs. EDITORS?The remarks in your excellent paper of Dec. 15th, upon washing and labor-saving soap, induce me to send for insertion the following recipe, which I have followed for a long time with complete success 1 lb. of sal soda, 1 lb. common bar soap, and 6 quarts soft water; boil all together 2 hours, stirring frequently, then set the mixture away to cool for use. In washing take a pint of this mixture for the largest pail of water, and heat till it boils, having previously soaked the clothes in warm water; wring them out and put them in to boil one hour. Then take them out, put them in a tub with soft water, rub any spots that may not be entirely removed, turn the clothes wrong side out, then put them in blue rinsing water, wring them out, and they are ready to hang out for drying.

This method does not injure the texture of the clothes; it is best to prepare all the water to be used at once, than to reserve a part for the second and third boiling.
C. M. E.