Every one will agree that the ordinary arrangement of wash-basins and bath-tubs, consisting of a stopper and chain attached, is objectionable; the chain is often in the way, it will pull the stopper out when this is not desired, and soon look dirty and unsightly, and no doubt it would be far better if they could be dispensed with.

This now may be accomplished by Foley’s patent valve, of which Fig. 1 gives an exterior view, and Fig. 2 a section, with its application to a wash-basin. Its top comes flush with the marble slab, and a knob on top lifts an interior tube, the lower end of which fits into the waste-pipe and acts as a valve, while its upper open end acts as an overflow, by which the ordinary overflow in the top of the basin is dispensed with, the length of this tube being such that its top is at the level above which we do not want the water to ascend in the basin. A small curved arrow at the top of the tube shows in the figure the operation of the overflow. The lower end of the tube is provided with rubber, so as to make a perfectly tight-fitting valve.

Fig. 3 represents the application of this same valve to a bath-tub, which besides is also furnished with the Boston compression double bath cock and Adee & Dehere?s patent bath supply, introducing the water at the bottom, thus avoiding much of the vapor and the damage it may do to papered or frescoed walls. The compression double bath cock mentioned is made on the principle of the Boston self-closing faucets, except that the screw or incline is made so slow that they will remain open, and so constructed that it is impossible to crush the rubber washers, insuring thus great durability.

In Fig. 4 a perspective view of the whole bath-tub is given, showing the top of Foley?s valve at the extreme upper right-hand corner, the two cross handles of the hot and cold water faucets, the lower supply opening, and the grate over the waste-pipe, all of which are shown in Fig. 3 in detail, by the removal of the outside lining of the bath-tub, behind which all is situated. These various improved contrivances, as well as many others, are manufactured by Mr. Fred. Adee, 275 on Pearl street, New York.