The Stuart window-screen frame herewith illustrated, is manufactured by E. C. Stearns & Co., of Syracuse, N. Y., and has become an article in the leading wholesale and retail hardware trade.
The unique appearance of this frame, and the ease with which it can be made or put together, are specially notable features. The moldings are furnished 36 inches long, and coped on one end to engage the adjoining piece, as shown in sectional view, Fig. 1. All that is necessary in making a frame, is to slide the moldings along on one another to the required size, fasten with a nail or screw, and saw off the ends. These frames are quite equal in design and finish to those made by sash and door manufacturers, and they are retailed, finished and stained, at a much lower price than the cost of the usual square stick with half round molding to tack over the wire cloth.

Fig. 2 shows the frame put together before the moldings have been sawed off, and the wire cloth is shown broken away to expose to view the small strip a, which is furnished to tack over the wire cloth.

There are sticks, as shown by No. 1, in Fig. 2, to allow the screen to slide up and down; thus the window can be raised and lowered without disturbing the screen.