Transferring onto Glass

Colored or plain engravings, photographs, lithographs, water colors, oil colors, crayons, steel plates, newspaper cuts, mezzotints, pencil, writing, show cards, labels, or in fact, anything.


Take glass that is perfectly clear (window glass will answer) clean it thoroughly; the varnish it, taking care to have it perfectly smooth; place it where it will be perfectly free from dust; let it stand over night, then take your engraving, lay it in clear water until it is wet through (say ten or fifteen minutes), then lay it upon a newspaper, that the moisture may dry from the surface and still keep the other side damp. Immediately varnish your glass the second time, then place your engraving upon it, pressing it down firmly, so as to exclude every particle of air; next rub the paper from the back until it is of uniform thickness, so thing that you can see through it, then varnish it the third timer and let it dry.

These transferred pictures make lovely ornaments for table, bracket, mantel, ect.

Take two ounces balsam of fir to one ounce spirits of turpentine. Apply with a camel’s-hair brush.