The cornices to your windows can be simply strips of wood covered with paper to match the bordering of your room, and the lambrequins, made of chintz like the lounge, could be trimmed with fringe of gimp of the same color. The patterns of these can be varied according to fancy but simple designs are usually the prettiest. A tassel at the lowest point greatly improves the appearance of the entire curtain.

The curtains can be made of plain white muslin, of some of the many styles that come for this purpose. If plain muslin is used, you can ornament them with hems and inch in width, in which insert a strip of gingham or chambray of the same color as your chintz. This will wash with the curtains without losing its color, or, should it fade, it can easily be drawn out and replaced.

The influence of white-muslin curtains in giving an air of grace and elegance to a room is astonishing. White curtains really create of room out of nothing. No matter how course the muslin, so it be white and hang in graceful folds, there is a charm in it that supplies the want of multitudes of other things.