When plain tortoise-shell combs are defaced, the polish may be removed by rubbing them with pulverized rotten-stone and oil. The rotten-stone should be sifted through muslin; then polish with jeweller’s rouge, or with sifted magnesia. Meanings of Word or Phrases used Jeweller’s rouge – Red powdered haematite, iron(III) oxide. ItContinue Reading

MILK OF ROSES is made thus: Put two ounces of rose-water, a teaspoon of oil of almonds, and twelve drops of oil of tartar, into a bottle, and shake the whole till well mixed.Continue Reading

Take of the best almond or olive oil, one pound; elder flowers (free from stalk), two ounces; place the flowers in the oil in a jar or wide-mouthed bottle; let them remain forty eight hours; then strain. The oil must now stand in a quiet and cool place at leastContinue Reading

A correspondent (to whom we are obliged) strongly recommends the following simple remedy for toothache, from her own experience of it benefit. It is simply two or three drops of oil of juniper used every morning on the toothbrush after washing the teeth. We may say here that we areContinue Reading

To clean hair-brushes, put a spoonful of pearlash into a pint of boiling water, then fasten a bit of sponge to the end of a stick, dip it into the solution, and wash the brush. Next pour some hot water over it, and dry before the fire. Meanings of WordContinue Reading