In nine out of ten kitchens, when there is any cooking to be done the range is made red hot; when the cooking is done, the fire is left to go down to ashes, and is then raised by means of a wasteful pile of kindling wood. When no cookingContinue Reading

Nine dishes and two courses is a lot of food! Here is an example of a bill of fare for January – December. They were to be arranged on the table in the order shown in the picture.

The old loaf sugar came from wooden molds that were conical shaped. Thus they themselves were cone shaped and a cook would have to pound the loaf to get loose sugar for cooking. They had to use special tongs/cutters to break of pieces of the loaf for consumption. The FrugalContinue Reading

WE have received from our various correspondents quite a number of requests for us to publish something about the minor household conveniences. In compliance therewith we present the following details with explanatory illustrations, for which we are indebted to the American Agriculturist, for the particular benefit of those residing remoteContinue Reading

We represent on this page an important improvement in one of the most essential contrivances necessary in housekeeping, namely, a kitchen sink, which can also be used as a wash-basin, dish-pan, laundry wash-tub, and drainer. It possesses a valve, which is opened by raising the pull P; 0 is anContinue Reading