When it is not convenient to take a lock apart to fit a new key, the key blank should be smoked over a candle, inserted in the keyhole, and pressed firmly against the opposing wards of the lock. The indentations in the smoked portion made by the wards will showContinue Reading

TAKE asphaltum, pulverize it, place it in a jar or bottle, pour over it about twice its bulk of turpentine or benzole, put it in a warm place, and shake it from time to time. When dissolved, strain it and apply it to time wood with a cloth or stiffContinue Reading

A FEW days ago, while passing up Sixth avenue, we saw at the store of Mr. Lesley No. 605 a very neat and useful little article with which the readers of our home department can hardly fail to be pleased. It is nothing more or less than a small, portableContinue Reading

SEVERAL lengths of paper should be laid one on another upon the floor or bench, allowing the fair edges to project over, so that the paste may not touch the figured surface. The back should then be smartly brushed over with paste, covering every part, taking especial care not toContinue Reading

When plain tortoise-shell combs are defaced, the polish may be removed by rubbing them with pulverized rotten-stone and oil. The rotten-stone should be sifted through muslin; then polish with jeweller’s rouge, or with sifted magnesia. Meanings of Word or Phrases used Jeweller’s rouge – Red powdered haematite, iron(III) oxide. ItContinue Reading