IN Paris, a municipal regulation requires the periodical cleaning of the house-fronts; and a due regard to the appearance of the buildings, from the street would suggest a similar practice in many cities on this side of the water. The plan most approved in Paris, where it has been inContinue Reading

It’s Spring and that meant spring cleaning for our ancestors! All kinds of cleaning took place like taking up carpets, repapering walls, airing blankets for storage and so much more! Read one 1870’s article on all that took place during spring cleaning! Continue Reading

By John Crowell, M.D., in the Popular Science News. NO. IV. Nearly every well-appointed dwelling has a room called the library, and it is quite apt to be located in some obscure and dark coiner or angle of the house, shut out from the light and air of street orContinue Reading

The appearance of walnut may be given to white woods, by painting or sponging them with a concentrated warm solution of permanganate of potassa. The effect is different on different kinds of timber, some becoming stained very rapidly, others requiring more time for this result. The permanganate is decomposed byContinue Reading