Pine Apple Cheese? What kind of cheese is that? Does it taste like pineapple? Was it made from pineapple? I had never heard of this cheese before. So I sought out, but in vain, to find a modern counterpart. I was left to go back in time and read up on this mystery cheese.

Ever wonder how much sugar those in the 1800’s would use? Have you ever heard of Sugar Cones? Well this article is a little history about sugar cones and how they were wrapped in the 19th century. Complete with a couple memoirs, some recycling advice for the wrappers and even learn a little about a common brand from the grocery store!

Winter has brought the nuisance of dried & chapped skin for centuries! Here are 2 historic recipes for balms one might have used over 200 years ago!

What do beer, beeswax and bread have in common? Why cleaning walls of course! Learn a few different methods that were used for cleaning walls, wainscoting & wallpaper in the early 19th century!

Nine dishes and two courses is a lot of food! Here is an example of a bill of fare for January – December. They were to be arranged on the table in the order shown in the picture.