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Fashions December 1881


Back view of above plate.

Fig. 1.--(298.)--The Alicia Promenade Costume, of brown cachemire, trimmed with embroidery worked on the material: this toilette is very pretty; both at back and front the jacket is made long, and is buttoned to the bottom of skirt: it is trimmed with collar, revers, and puffed sleeves. The overskirt is well draped in front; at back the retrousse' forms a pouff over a deep plaited underskirt. Quantities required : 14 yards cachemire ; if a separate trimming is used, 14 yds. embroidery will be required ; 12 buttons.

Fig. 2.--(299).--Large Velvet Cloak, trimmed with sable and lined with fur. This cloak is most comfortable, and is also warm, as it is tight-fitting to the figure. It will take 10 yds. velvet; 4 yds. narrow sable; 2 yds. wide sable; 1 collar; 7 brandebourgs.

Fig.3.--(300).--Carriage Mantle of olive-green broche' trimmed with passementerie fringe and satin ribbons. Will require 7 yds. broche'; 7 yds. passementerie ; 2 1/4 yds. fringe; 6 yds. ribbon.

From the The London and Paris Ladies' Magazine of Fashion 1881

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